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Work cooperatively as investigators and solve mysterious cases in Gotham City!


ages 14+

2-3 hours

2-4 players

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Batman™: Everybody Lies is a crime-solving deduction board game for 2-4 players set in the Batman universe.
  • 4 criminal cases to solve, all combined into a master plot
  • Interact with Batman, The Penguin™, Poison Ivy™, Mr. Freeze™, Scarecrow™, and more
  • visit famous Gotham City locations such as the Batcave™, Arkham Asylum™, Blackgate Penitentiary™, and the Gotham City Gazette™
  • Rich original writing enhanced by the Scenes in the comic strips
  • Rewarding cooperative gameplay with hidden agenda mechanic and final evaluation
  • Game mechanics based on the award-winning Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game
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which character are you going to play?

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Warren Spacey, an instinctive journalist, an old dog who knows Gotham City too well.

He has contacts in the underworld, he’s scared of nobody, and there are no doors he refuses to knock on. Spacey is the one who—many years ago—wrote the first article about the Joker.


Catwoman, a cunning thief, a surprise ally of Batman, a burglar who walks a thin line between the good and the bad.

The G.C.P.D. would love to see her in jail, and Batman would love to see her among the protectors of Gotham City, but Catwoman—like all cats—remains a fascinating riddle, and no one ever knows where her loyalty lies


Vicki Vale, a brave and uncompromising reporter of Gotham City Gazette. She is dedicated to her work and the people of Gotham City.

She will fight to reveal the truth, no matter what. It’s her mission to help this city recover from the dark times of lies and hypocrisy.


Harvey Bullock, a brutish detective, the ambiguous face of G.C.P.D, a bad cop in the ‘good cop bad cop’ duo. Far too many times he’s broken the police procedures, far too many times he’s been suspended from duty, far too many times he’s put himself into trouble.

He's still one of Gordon’s most trusted men and the best Gotham City can hope for in these challenging times.

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Players take on the roles of four key investigators and cooperatively make decisions trying to solve a series of challenging cases.

Each player has a hidden agenda - their own secret goals and unique win conditions based upon which DC character they portray. While playing the game they will find their individual ways of getting information to help with the investigation.

4 criminal cases to solve

Learn the game with an introductory Prologue case, then continue with three big cases, each taking roughly 2-3 hours to play.

Each case can be played separately, yet after solving all of them, you will unravel a master narrative with an epic climax.

Every scenario ends with a final report with questions verifying how well your team has investigated the case

the investigation

Solve the cases using a variety of physical and digital game components:

  • a deck of cards with original story containing essential clues and plot twists
  • Scene cards with Batman comic strips illustrating the plot
  • a map of Gotham City
  • access Gotham City Gazette archives on the dedicated website for a truly immersive experience


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image March, 17 2022
Batman: Everybody Lies - Campaign

On March 27th, 2019, the 1000th issue of Detective Comics was released. We love Batman, both ongoing and limited. The Long Halloween, Hush, Three Jokers, White Knight—all of them present exceptional stories. If these were scenarios for a video or board game, instead of calling them limited series, we’d call them a campaign. Batman: Everybody Lies is a three story long campaign.

image March, 15 2022
Batman: Everybody Lies – Gotham Gazette archives

There are so many comic book runs, and various Batman series over the past century. Numerous relaunches and variants of the storyline… and yet, the Gotham City Gazette is always part of the city. Its journalists, Vicki Vale being the most famous, were always part of the story. It had to become part of the game too.

image March, 13 2022
Batman: Everybody Lies - Comic book panels

Carmine Infantino, Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Frank Miller—the list could go on and on. Batman is represented in as many great stories as he is in stunning illustrations and visuals of Gotham. When you think of Batman comics, you see stunning art pieces and comic panels presenting the dark city and the Dark Knight.

image March, 11 2022
Batman Everybody Lies – A perfect marriage

Detective Comics is an American comic book series published by Detective Comics, later shortened to DC Comics. Published from 1937 to 2011 (and later continued in 2016), it is best known for introducing the superhero Batman in Detective Comics #27 (cover-dated May 1939).

image March, 09 2022
Batman: Everybody Lies - Personal Agendas

Gotham is a city of mistrust. Inhabited by lies and corruption. The only place in the world that doesn’t wake up innocent and bright in the morning. No rain can wash off all the sins rooted in these streets. Even its heroes are tainted. 

image March, 07 2022
Locations in Batman: Everybody Lies

Batman: Everybody Lies takes place in Gotham City just a few months before Jim Gordon becomes commissioner. The streets are overflowing with crime and the city is drowning in lies, bribes, and injustice.

image March, 07 2022
Batman: Everybody Lies – Character

Batman: Everybody Lies consists of a series of stories that create a unique campaign. It’s a mystery that takes place in Gotham, and players investigate it over the course of a few game nights.

image March, 04 2022
What is Batman: Everybody Lies?

Batman: Everybody Lies is a story-driven deduction game. The action takes place in Gotham, exploring various locations of this crime-driven city—from the grim and poverty-stricken alleyways to the sycophantic and wealthy social elite penthouses.

image March, 04 2022
Portal Games launches pre-orders of Batman: Everybody Lies

Batman: Everybody Lies is a crime-solving deduction board game for 2-4 players set in the Batman comics universe. Work cooperatively as investigators and solve mysterious cases in Gotham City!